Welcome. I am a doctoral candidate with the Department of Political Science at Rutgers University. My area of specializations are Women & Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Human Rights.

My primary research interests include gender politics, social movements, religious movements, LGBTQ+ politics, human rights, countermovements, peace negotiations and agreements, Latin America, gender mainstreaming, transitional justice, populism, and feminist and qualitative methodology.

I received my M.A. from the University of Chicago in Latin American Studies in 2006 and hold a graduate certificate in Women and Gender Studies from Rutgers University.

My dissertation, Gender Justice, Resistance, and the Politics of Peace in Colombia, investigates how and under what conditions are gender and sexual rights incorporated into peace and conflict processes. Through an intersectional feminist frame, I analyze the creation, role, and effects of two competing mobilizations that organized for and against the unprecedented enfoque de género, or gender sensitive approach, in the 2016 Colombian peace agreement.

I recently published “Unpacking Gender Ideology and the Global Right’s Anti-Gender Countermovement” in Spring 2019 issue of Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. This article documents how the Vatican forged alliances with Evangelical Christian and Muslim religious leaders and conservative nations to launch coordinated, well-organized, and well-resourced campaigns to undermine gender equality and preserve traditional patriarchal norms pertaining to gender, sex, and sexuality in global policy.

My next publication “On the Strategic Uses of Women’s Rights: Backlash, Rights-Based Framing, and Anti-Gender Campaigns in Colombia’s 2016 Peace Agreement,” which is under review, seeks to better understand resistance to gender and sexual equality norms by examining ideologically conservative mobilizations that employ rights-based frames as a political strategy. In contrast to the notion that human rights discourses are universal and invariant, I illuminate how rights rhetoric can be deployed to achieve both emancipatory and repressive ends.

I also have a book chapter coming out entitled “The Religious Rights and Anti-genderism in Colombia,” which examines the reconfiguration of the religious right with the rise of evangelical Christianity in the region and the strategies they employ to pursue anti-gender agendas.

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